About Us

Mel Stewart Investment Services, LLC is an independent firm that offers a wide spectrum of solutions to assist our clients in planning for their financial needs. Our knowledge and experience in the investment and insurance industries helps our clients work toward achieving their unique goals. Whether you are looking for a managed portfolio, a quick check-up, or an in-depth review of your financial situation, we can tailor a strategy to suit your needs.

Living in the heart of Oklahoma, we serve clients within our midwestern community, as well as several other states including Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana. Our partnership with USA Financial Securities, Pershing, AXOS, and Charles Schwab offers freedom of investment choice, quality service, regulatory support, and comprehensive technological capabilities.

But there is much more to us than the sum of our parts. While we strive to offer a distinct approach to financial and wealth planning, the truth is, we are not the only firm offering similar strategies. We differentiate ourselves not only by what we do, but how we do it, and who we are as unique individuals. We invite you to experience the difference.

Since 1988, Mel has combined his love of serving people and problem-solving to help clients build a better future. Mel earned his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Georgia and M.B.A. from Oklahoma Christian University, where he has served as an adjunct professor since 2001. Prior to founding the firm, he served a Vice President/Financial Consultant with Shearson Lehman Hutton, Salomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. An Eagle Scout, Mel is actively involved in the community through his church, Rotary, and the Edmond HOPE Center.

As a valued client, you can count on having direct access to an experienced and knowledgeable advisor who embraces the fiduciary obligation to always place clients' interests first. It’s our focus, our responsibility, and our privilege. Let’s form a plan to pursue your dreams together.

Years of Experience

Our Experience

With so many options available today, it’s hard to know whether you’re making the right decisions for your money. We’ve been helping families for more than 30 years. So you can leave your worries at the door and gain valuable peace of mind knowing that our years of experience are working hard for you.


Our Independence

We are independent financial advisors. That means we are able to offer full-service financial planning without the pressure of pushing certain products or services onto our clients. This unbiased approach ensures that we keep your best interest in mind. Literally, your success is our success.


Our Process

Getting to know you is the most important step in developing a successful financial plan for you. That’s why we consider our first meeting to be a fact finding mission. Our goal is to help you get organized, provide clarity around what is most important to you and create a plan to achieve those goals.